Welcome to Pike Builders Inc.

Pike Builders, Inc. are pioneers in the use of reclaimed materials, the origins of which come from our work with custom built homes and restorations of classic ranch-style projects.

Our innovation craftsmanship and building continues to be influenced by these historic values. We utilize our unique old-world vision and style in our structures and in the process, showcase their place in the landscape. Our extensive scope of work demonstrates an appreciation of history of the west and of how buildings became one with the land.

Our Mission

Pike Builders maintains absolute clarity in all we do. We construct the finest quality custom homes utilizing “Old World Style” construction, handcrafted jointer techniques while maintaining accurate cost containment.

Our Vision

Pike Builders vision is to offer the finest craftsmanship and quality to each individual home or structure we design and build. We achieve this through our unsurpassed attention to detail, clear vision of perfection, and above all, excellent customer service.

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