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808 W. New York Ave.
Gunnison, CO 81230

(970) 641-6660


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Craftsmen, not Carpenters

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Our craftsmanship is what sets us apart from other home builders in the Crested Butte/Gunnison area. We are indeed
craftsmen, not carpenters and take great pride in our hand crafted joinery, timber/log design and finish detail.
Pike Builders consists of two owners and we can guarantee a hands-on, general contractor on site and ensuring the utmost
quality every day. We approach each project with a fresh vision and look forward to discussing your dream home and the
potential opportunity of your one of a kind project.

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Pike Builders – Traditional Timber Construction

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Project Qualifications:

Pike Builders’ experience in the construction industry is very extensive, extending back to 1984. Steve and Paul began their construction career in the log home business and after many years of building luxury custom log homes we start started Pike Builders, inc. in 1992. Since that time, we have established a unique niche in the custom homes and timber style construction. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a very large scale project and during this seven year project the Pike Builders team built twenty-two handcrafted timber style structures.
We take great pride in the detailing and craftsmanship performed by our team. We do not utilize sub-contractors for our jointery and finish work in our projects. The only exception to this would be the utilization of Combined Timber Crafts to assist with expediting production to meet desired deadlines.

Cost & Fees:

Our costs are born from the collaboration of the client, architect, contractor and designer. The general contractor must be involved with planning from the earliest possible opportunity to help keep costs contained. Pike Builders, Inc has a set fee which is agreed upon between the client and contractor and this fee is based off 10-12% of estimated price. The reason we set a fee based off a percentage of estimated costs as it holds the contractor true to all cost containment efforts.
Our general conditions such as Indirect and Direct Overhead are built into our billable rate per employee. This includes items such as labor burden, reimbursable expenses, administration costs, etc. Each employee has a set hourly rate that is based on their experience and skill level. We do not maintain a flat, billable rate for all employees. Once again, we do this in efforts to minimize costs as a client should only pay for the true value of the employee working on their project.

Cost Estimation Accuracy:

Cost estimation starts with accurate scheduling. That said, labor is the driving force of all construction projects. This is why it is imperative that accurate scheduling is at the forefront of estimating the actual costs of the project. The cost of goods sold (COGS) is generally a quantitative factor based on volume purchases. Pike Builders takes great pride in utilizing Primavera Project Planner scheduling software which allows us to build the customer’s project and then transfer that project into a cost estimate. This allows us to provide very accurate cost estimates, which is a benchmark of our company.


Pike Builders understands the importance of developing realistic, accurate project schedules at the earliest possible time. Comprehensive master schedules facilitate the decision making process by graphically showing the implications of timely decision making, sequencing and coordination.
This scheduling process provides our clients with a concrete tool that explains the depths and phases of the construction project. We have found this to be an indispensable tool as clients are able to visualize accurate details of their project as events are occurring. This allows the clients to physically become part of the process and to understand exactly what is occurring on site. It is also important to note that because Pike Builders, Inc utilizes Primavera Project Planner scheduling software, we are immediately able to tie cost estimations into project scheduling which in turn provides the client with a very concise and comfortable price point.

Capacity to Perform:

Pike Builders has every confidence of our capacity to efficiently and professionally complete this project. We have amassed a great wealth of knowledge of log and timber construction. In addition, we have a very mature staff of craftsmen who have worked together exclusively since 2003. Efficiency and quality are paramount on a project of this caliber. Due to the continuity and experience of our crew, you can be assured that this project will be completed with the utmost skill and expertise.
It should also be noted that Pike Builders, Inc. owns all of its own heavy equipment, such as cranes, Bobcats, backhoes, forklifts and sawmills. This, in point, saves the homeowner many additional expenses incurred through rental agreements for the above mentioned equipment.
Because of the location of this particular project, accurate scheduling will be even more important due to potential inclement weather conditions, reduced daylight hours in the winter months in Taylor Canyon and distance for deliveries.

In terms of concurrent work to be performed, we are currently finishing a large scale project with a deadline of Labor Day 2012. A second project is currently 60% complete and scheduled to finish early winter 2013. This would be an ideal time for Pike Builders to take on this project as we would have ample time to ensure quality products required for this caliber of project can be sourced and secured.

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Our Mission:

Pike Builders maintains absolute clarity in all we do. We construct the finest quality custom homes utilizing “Old World Style” construction, handcrafted jointer techniques while maintaining accurate cost containment.

Our Vision:

Pike Builders vision is to offer the finest craftsmanship and quality to each individual home or structure we design and build. We achieve this through our unsurpassed attention to detail, clear vision of perfection, and above all, excellent customer service.

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80 Camino Del Rio Gunnison, CO. 81230
(970) 641-6600

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Who We Are


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