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Gunnison, CO 81230

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I chose Pike Builders because I had seen some of their earlier projects and I was very impressed by their craftsmanship and attention to quality. They seemed especially skilled in the seemingly rustic style of reclaimed timber and rusted steel roof — but underpinned by state-of-the-art infrastructure. Pike Builders played a crucial role throughout the project in consulting with us and suggesting changes to the original architectural plans. Even though we were living in a different state during the construction, communication was always frequent and effortless.

They also worked seamlessly and creatively well together with our architect and our interior designer. The end result is that we were able to have many personal touches and subtle architectural improvements that we did not thought about in the design process, and the house looks more authentic and charming than we ever dreamed it would be.

Pike Builders were proactive in scouring the country for the best — and most economical — reclaimed timber; in searching the west for quarries, which had just the sort of rare sandstone we wanted; and in ensuring that all the subcontractors were the best quality artisans to be found. Adjusting for the many changes orders we asked for, the house came in on time and on budget — and turned our amazingly better than we ever hoped it would be.

Since completion of construction, the pike brothers have continued to stand by their work, and have continued to help us in many ways above and beyond their contract. We had been warned by friends who also built homes to get emotionally braced for major conflicts with out contractors. Our experience was just the opposite: it has been a pleasure from start to finish to work with Pike Builders, and we are delighted with the results.

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Pike Builders on the Gunnison project. I found Paul to be such a diligent and skilled craftsman,that I cannot imagine anyone taking my vision and bringing it to fruition as he did.

My collaboration with Pike Builders was a privilege and I highly recommend their services.

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If you are building a house in the Gunnison Valley, you need look no further than Pike Builders to build the house of your dreams. They have the qualities you need in a builder: honesty, integrity, a great work ethic, and a passion for doing high quality work. The builder you choose can make building a wonderful or a painful experience. I can guarantee you a wonderful experience when you choose the Pikes to build your house.

Steve, Paul and their fantastic crew built my house in 2004. Being the first house I had ever had built, I was a bit apprehensive with the entire process. I had heard horror stories of builders who were dishonest, did shoddy work, or went out of business before completing a project. All my fears were quickly laid to rest as soon as we started building.

I was not living in the Crested Butte area at the time but was planning on spending quite a bit of time up there during the building process to monitor the work. As it turned out, my daughter was diagnosed with cancer and I didn’t get up there very often. However, the Pikes kept in constant contact and kept me up to speed on how things were progressing. Every time I visited the work site, things were exactly as I had been told. When the project was finished, it was better than I could have ever dreamed. I have had friends of mine, who are also builders, visit my house and they are very impressed with the quality of work in the house, especially the log work. The joints are tight and expertly finished. All the work throughout the house is top quality.

You will not find a finer builder in Gunnison or anywhere else. I whole heartedly recommend you have Paul and Steve Pike build your home. It will be the best decision you ever made!

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I had the pleasure to working with Pike Builders from 2004 through 2009. During that time they built a multimillion-dollar project with over one dozen barn and agriculture structures and eight residential buildings.

Pike Builders was a responsible for rough framing; finish carpentry and extensive timber construction. We require a very high level of quality in our projects and require the builders we work to pay close attention to the smallest of details. Paul and Steve Pike and their crew proved to be very capable of these tasks.

I am happy to recommend them for your project.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Pike Builders for the past 27 months on a large project in Gunnison, Colorado. During this time they have had as many as 20 craftsmen on site. They have performed several facets of the work, from concrete to steel to rough and finish carpentry, and door and window installation. They are particularly skilled in log and timber installation and have installed over half a million board feet of vintage reclaimed lumber on some 25 different structures.

Their work has always been of top caliber. They have been dependable, punctual, time and cost effective. They are a big reason why the Castleton Ranch project has been successful to date. Big D builds nationwide, and it is our intention to team up with them again, not only in Colorado, but anywhere we do work throughout the west.

I would recommend them for any construction project you may have, and would welcome talking to you anytime about them should the need arise.

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My husband and I had the pleasure of working on our dream home with Paul and Steve Pike. The Pikes took over our project from another builder. It was amazing how they took over and turned this house into something unbelievable.

The Pikes went above and beyond the call of duty on over seeing every little detail in our house. When I say detail I mean detail. Our house is a true craftsman house. Every time we walk through we are amazed at the craftsmanship. Every person that worked on our house really took pride in what they were doing. Steve and Paul made sure every detail was done to their and our satisfaction.

My husband and I were very blessed when Steve and Paul took over our project. It was a pleasure to work with them and all their sub contractors. The Pikes will always be great friends to us. We have enjoyed working with them and my husband continues to come up with things for them to keep adding to the beauty of our house. I really think it is because we enjoy working with them!

We love the Pikes and we would highly recommend them to anyone!!

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80 Camino Del Rio Gunnison, CO. 81230
(970) 641-6600

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